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Did You Know? This Day in History November 24 

News Events 
1434The river Thames froze over. This happened again in 1715, when the ice was thick enough to hold a 'Frost Fair' on the river
1642The Dutch navigator, Abel Tasman, discovered Van Dieman's Land (later to be re-named Tasmania)
1939Imperial Airways and British Airways merged, to become 'British Overseas Airways Corporation' (BOAC)
1951The car manufacturers Morris and Austin agreed to merge
1963Lee Harvey Oswald, charged with assassinating John F Kennedy, was shot by Jack Ruby
1965The government introduced an experimental speed limit of 70mph on motorways in England
1973In Australia, Aborigines were given the vote for the first time
1987Free eye tests were abolished by the Conservative government

Famous Birthdays 
1815Grace Darling, Lighthouse keepers daughter who became famous heroine
1849Frances Burnett, Novelist; 'The Secret Garden' & 'Little Lord Fauntleroy'
1868Scott Joplin, Composer and pianist
1925Alun Owen, Writer and 'Oscar' nominee for 'A Hard Days Night'
1939Jim Yester, Of the Pop group 'The Association'
1941Pete Best, Former member of 'The Beatles'
1942Billy Connolly, Former Scottish steelworker turned comedian
1955Ian Botham, Popular English cricketer


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